Hair Removal: Go away unwanted hair !

No one fancy unwanted hair. There are several solutions to remove unwanted hair, it can be waxing, shaving, plucking, or even lasers. However, why should you bother to pay for costly procedures remove hair in salon while you can do it at home? 

#1 Waxing

 Shop the Roll On Depilatory Wax Heating Machine + 5 Flavours Hair Remover Wax

#2 Shaving private parts

#3 Hair Removing Cream

However the results are not permanent, but it’s 100% safe and less expensive.
Whatever you do, get rid of the hair!


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Get A Flawless Finish With The Best Makeup Brushes

What’s the point of having a vanity full of makeup and not having good makeup brushes? You can use your hands to put on makeup, but that’s not going to give you the same results as makeup brushes. The key to having a flawless makeup look is to use high quality makeup brushes. Let’s have a look at the best makeup brushes in ZENZENDREAM.

Toothbrush Shaped Foundation Blending Brush

You may have seen beauty bloggers and makeup artists raving about these toothbrush shaped foundation brushes that make the application of applying your foundation so much easier. If you feel that you are not good at applying your foundation and blending it out, this makeup brush is exactly what you need. It is designed to provide extra grip while applying foundation and also promises precision. You can use this brush to blend out any type of foundation. Whether it’s a liquid or powder foundation; this makeup brush will be by your side.

Makeup Powder Brush

This kabuki face brush is the perfect partner for applying your foundation, powder and blush. It’s even great for contouring and highlighting. The shape of this makeup brush is like no other. It’s made of super soft microfiber hair brush, which means that the bristles will feel amazing on your skin. It’s a great brush for blending out your makeup, so enjoy a flawless look when you are done!

Minerals Makeup Brush Set

This is a brush set you will fall in love with! It’s an everyday makeup brush set that will take care of all your makeup needs. You can use this set on an everyday basis for doing your makeup. It’s also a great option to take with you while traveling as the set has everything you would need for makeup application. The brush set includes a flathead brush, a round brush, mini-flathead brush, foundation brush, blush brush, blooming brush, queen blooming brush, concealer blush, eyebrow brush, highlight brush and eye shadow brush.

Bamboo Mushroom Makeup Brush

Achieve a flawless makeup look with this one of a kind makeup brush. It has soft dense bristles which make the application easy and gives amazing results. You can use it for various purposes such as for applying your foundation, bronzing your face, highlighting or for the application of a loose powder.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned every now and then. And it’s not easy cleaning them as it’s a lot of work. However, with this makeup brush cleaning tool, your life is about to become so much easier! It’s affordable and compact and will allow you to clean all your makeup brushes.
Make sure to have a good collection of makeup brushes so that you can enjoy easy and seamless application of makeup.


Make up Guides for Beginners

Are you a beginner in makeup? The makeup world today is so HUGE today that even someone who is a pro at makeup can get confused. There is so much depth into the makeup world that a beginner will find it very difficult to decide where to begin. Don’t you worry because we are here to help you out! We have put together a makeup guide that every beginner needs to read before entering the makeup world. This guide will help you about which products to start off with, how to use them and other related stuff. So, let’s get started!

Prep your face!

Before applying any makeup to your face, make sure to properly wash and moisturize it. If you have large pores on your face, then you can use a clear primer to minimize their appearance. You can skip this process if you like since it’s not necessary for beginners.

Beauty Tools to Start With

As a beginner, you don’t really need many makeup tools. A makeup blending sponge is a must-have for every beginner out there since it makes the process of applying makeup so much easier! We have the perfect one available for you that will give you a flawless airbrush finish.

MakeUp Blending Sponge - Flawless Airbrush Finish, available in colours in ZENZENDREAM


Go for a light coverage foundation as they are easy to blend out and you won’t feel like you are wearing a lot on your face. Use a damp makeup sponge to apply your foundation. Don’t rub the sponge all over your face but instead dab it against the skin and blend it out evenly. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup foundation would be a great choice.

Pressed Powder

To set that liquid foundation, use a pressed powder and apply it all over your face lightly using a big fluffy brush. Remember to use a light coverage pressed powder.

Instant Dry Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil


For your eyes, go ahead and use a double eyelid tape to give definition to your eyes. The one that we have is great for enhancing your eyes! After that, line your eyes using this Instant Dry Waterproofeyeliner pencil. We have an amazing one available on the website that dries in just 10 seconds!


Use a light and natural colored blush and apply it on your cheeks using a blush brush. Make sure that you keep the blush as natural as possible.

Korea Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Set 3pcs in a set 

Eye brows

Your eyebrows will pull the entire makeup look together. As a beginner, use our Korea Mini Brow Class Drawing Guide Set to get the perfect shape!


Finish off your makeup look with a lip gloss or a light colored lipstick!
As a beginner, these are the products you need to stick to. Once you get good at this, you can start adding more products to your collection such as a bronzer, concealer, highlighter and all that stuff.


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Draw a Perfect Eyeliner using Liquid Eyeliner

Imagine Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe without eyeliner? Come on trust me, You can completely change your entire look simply by applying eyeliner!

I got a pair of very oily eyelids, therefore I prefer applying liquid eyeliner than eye pencil. 
Practices make perfect, I don’t born in magic hands that draw perfect eyeliners that create stunning and sophisticated look.

Once you’re done, you will need to set the eye make up by using loose powder.

After applying Harajuku Fortune Doll Waterproof LIqiud Eyeliner

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Eyeshadow Templates Models 6pcs


Draw Eyeshadow using Eyeshadow Stencils Templates

Contains 6 eyeshadow templates in different shapes, you may be able to create different eyeshadow looks every day to match your different makeup or #ootd :)
Lightweight and reusable!

How to Use: 

  1. Pick the Step 1 stencil and put on Light colour eye makeup shadow.
  2. Use Step 2 stencils and dab on middle tone eyeshadow 
  3. Dab darker eyeshadow colour using Step 3 stencils
  4. Pick on the Any of the Step 4 stencils to decide on the finished look you wish to achieve.
Eyeshadow Stencils Template comes in 6 pieces and available up in store now in ZENZENDREAM


Products that Create "No Makeup" Makeup Look

“No makeup” makeup look

Let’s admit it; we all want to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look at some point. It’s basically a makeup look that’s very natural, subtle and makes it look like you are not wearing any makeup. Now that may sound very easy to do, but it’s the simple things in life that are the hardest to achieve.
To make your life easier, we are going to talk all about how to achieve that “no makeup” makeup look. So, let’s get started!

Natural Rice Loose Powder

Sheer or light weight foundation

Start off this makeup look by cleaning your face. Since we are going for a “no makeup” look, you need a light weight or sheer foundation. There are plenty of them out there, but one that we would like to suggest is the Natural Rice Loose Powder. You can also use a good quality BB Cream if you want. Apply the foundation of BB cream with a damp beauty blender to achieve a dewy look.

Next, to hide all those blemishes and under eye circles; you need a good concealer. Apply it wherever needed and set that with a light weight foundation. A great option would be the Naturactor Cover Face Cream Foundation Concealer. It really works wonders on dark circles and blemishes.

A natural flush on the cheeks is what you are looking for the “no makeup” look. Go for a cream blush as it is easy to blend out and will create those natural looking cheeks. The Comcom Tips Cotton Swab Tint (20 Pieces) is a great product for those natural rosy cheeks.
You can totally skip your eye makeup for this look. Using double eyelid tapes would be a great option for the “no makeup” look since they help to create natural looking double eyelids. We have the best one available for you! The NandaFibre Double Eyelid Tape is something that we recommend to all of our readers.
Who needs mascara when you can simply apply false lashes, right? If you have the perfect subtle pair of false lashes, it will go amazingly well with the whole “no makeup” makeup look. You don’t want to wear eyelashes that look too fake because that would totally ruin your look. Our LashPOP False Eyelashes – Bebe (Innocent) would be the best fit for this look.
How can one forget about eyebrows? They pull your entire look together! Comb those brows and fill in the empty spots with a light hand. Don’t go too dramatic because that would ruin the whole look. Set everything together with a clear eyebrow gel or pencils. Mistine 3D Brows Secret would be a great option here.
Lastly, you need a natural looking lip color for your lips. The Saem Saemmul Wrapping Tint is a peel off lipgloss that leaves a tint behind. Plus, it’s long lasting!

And that’s it! Your “no makeup” makeup look is complete.